Research & Library

   9th March 2018

India Peace Centre
C. K. Naidu Road
Civil Lines

Dear Friends,

India Peace Centre, since its inception, has been a place of constant encouragement in working for a peaceful, equitable and ecological coexistence. Concerns about Environment, Ecology, Energy, Nuclear Issues, Militarization, Demilitarization, Disarmament, Human Rights, Justice and Peace are uniting people from different religions and ideologies at this place since 1988.

One aspect of this work is the M. A. Sathianathan Memorial Library on the premises of India Peace Centre, being a place to share knowledge and thoughts about issues regarding our concerns with everyone. To keep this place an enrichment to our friends, we are planning to renew and enlarge our assortment.

Therefore we need YOUR help.

If you have any book that might fit into our previous assortment regarding our mentioned concerns and want to share it, we would be happy to introduce it into our stocks.
Donations of money would further give us the opportunity to look for the ideal addition of our library stock ourselves.

In the course of renewing our collection, we are further planning to introduce an updated renting system, which would allow you to not only get access to a number of books related to social issues, but also to rent them at minimal cost for a certain period of time. By donating books or money, you could help us make this plan come true.

If you are willing to donate some books, please feel free to visit India Peace Centre during our office times.
Please find our bank connection below.

We would be happy to introduce you to our new library soon.
Thank you very much in advance,