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Conference of Parties – COP28

The Conference of Parties – COP28 will come to a close on 12th December 2023. UN Climate Change Executive Secretary Simon Stiell calls for an urgent and unbiased implementation of climate commitment to protect people and planet in connection to “phasing out of fossil fuel”.

Mr.Angelious Michael, Director of India Peace Centre attending COP28 in Dubai as part of the ACT Alliance delegation representing faith communities highlights the importance of the voices from faith communities at this crucial time of climate emergency. He emphasized of the fact that faith communities have been making significant contributions in climate related events including of the United Nations. The UNFCCC for the first time made a space available for the Faith Pavilion within the COP28 framework. This amplifies the UN’s recognition of the contributions of faith groups and interfaith network towards climate discussions and climate solutions.

Women, youth and children have been more visible at the faith side events at COP28. The need for interfaith collaborations in response to climate change is being realized more than ever before as that provides adequate strength for achieving ambitious goals together.

ACT Alliance has been instrumental in creating space for faith perspectives to come into play for climate negotiations and climate justice and to help prioritize cross cutting issues such as Migration and Human Mobility, gender, Indigenous people, Water, land, food & agriculture to the high-level discussions.

While Loss and Damage funds was a crucial outcome at COP28 in the opening plenary, there are lot to achieve and implement including Global Goal on Adaptation (GGA), Mitigation, commitment for non-economic loss under loss and damage funds.

Countries must prioritize climate agenda and work collectively. We must not forget the Paris agreement of staying withing 1.5 bracket and the timeframe of achieving Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

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IPC welcomes new Interns

Mr. Lilu Paul and Ms. Samiksha Dillip Gawande join as intern at the India Peace Centre, Nagpur. Mr. Lilu Paul comes from Kottayam, Kerala, He has completed Bachelor Degree in Economics from CMS College, Kottyam. Mr. Lilu Paul keeps keen interest in research, analytical studies and writings. Ms. Samiksha has completed her Bachelor of Commerce from G S College of Commerce and Economics, Nagpur. Ms. Samiksha has the experience of finance management and accounting. IPC welcome Lilu and Samiksha to its family.

Ms. Samiksha Gawande

Mr. Lilu Paul

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Pushpa Nair wins All India Speech Contest on Peace

THE grand finale of All India Speech Contest on Peace was held on the occasion of World Peace Day, over virtual platform. The topic for the finale was ‘Why Peace is Better: Benefits of Living in Harmony’. Pushpa Nair won the first prize in the contest. The other winners of the contest include Mamta Kumari (second), Tejal Baranga (third), Aditya Madne, Alefia Master, Saniara Khan, Naznin Chimthanawala (all runners-up). The event was co-ordinated by Dr Tejinder Singh Rawal, Director, India Peace Centre, in association with Monica Dixit, President of Nagpur Toastmasters Club, who was the contest chair.
Speaking on the occasion, Dr Rawal said that the International Day of Peace was celebrated to commemorate the day. India Peace Centre has been observing Peace Day every year by conducting its mega event, the Peace Cycling Rally. This year, because of pandemic protocols and to have a wider impact, an All India Speech Contest was organised. Entries for the contest were invited from resident Indians of all ages. The topic for the preliminary round was ‘What Constitutes Peace in the Indian Context?’. The participants had submitted an audio recording of the duration of three minutes. Entries were received from various parts of the country. A panel of judges screened the entries and articipants were selected for the finale. The judges for the event were Dr Aliakbar Maimoon, Dr John Menachary, Dr Yugal Rayulu, Niyamat Chimthanawala, Mohnish Zade. Brajesh Golhani was the Zoom Master, and Gauri Dixit was the Timer.

The entire process was handled by Nagpur Toastmasters Club, which also provided all technical support.

News Courtesy: The Hitvada