Pandas provides helper functions to read data from various file formats like CSV, Excel spreadsheets, HTML tables, JSON, SQL and perform operations on them. They are followed by Chennai at 3 and Kolkata Knight Riders at 2. Cricket is an outdoor sport and unlike, say, football, play isn't possible when it's raining. code. But participating in a lot at one time will not be helping you, While participating in competition always keep an eye on the discussion forums as the data issues and other issues faced by the fellow participants would be discussed here and suggestions about solving them will also be discussed and shared. This housing dataset can also be used to learn about building a regression algorithm to predict housing prices. Check the description of the datasets, here usually details about how the data were collected and the time period to which the data belong and other details would be provided, this would help in framing your questions for the exploratory data analysis. However, since 2014, teams have overwhelmingly chosen to bat second. I studied other people’s work, took inspirations and learnt a lot. You will see there are two CSV (Comma Separated Value) files, matches.csv and deliveries.csv. Using the read_csv() method from the Pandas library, I loaded the matches.csv file. This gives information about columns, number of non-null values in each column, their data type, and memory usage. “Data Analysis Techniques to Win Kaggle” is a recently published book with full of tips in data analysis not only for Kagglers but for everyone involved in data science. Okoshi is ranked 55 in Kaggle global rankings and currently works as a data scientist at Rist — an AI company based in Japan. Again, since 2014, things have been in favour of teams chasing except 2015. list This indicates that this is unprocessed data that I will clean, filter, and modify to prepare a data frame that's ready for analysis. It is very common to have matches abandoned due to incessant raining. To find more interesting datasets, you can look at this page. I did this data analysis and visualization as a project for the 6-week course Data Analysis with Python: Zero to Pandas. You can choose to download the csv file here or start a new notebook on Kaggle. Google App Rating - A dataset from kaggleYou can find the code and dataset here: This gives us a new data frame which was stored as combined_wins_df. Top Kaggle machine learning practitioners and CERN scientists will share their experience of solving real-world problems and help you to fill the gaps between theory and practice. Sachin. If you read this far, tweet to the author to show them you care. I then used the barplot() method from the Seaborn library to plot the series. So, teams choosing to field more have been justified in their decisions. When the Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals returned, these two teams were removed from the competition. Mumbai Indians defeated Delhi Daredevils by this margin in 2017. I imported the libraries with different aliases such as pd, plt and sns. All you need to do is very simple: follow them! For the datasets which you have been working on, go to the Notebooks tab and look for the analysis code snippets with a high number of upvotes and those that come from highly qualified users. I assigned this cleaned data frame to matches_df. Before the start of the 2016 season, two teams, the Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals were banned for two seasons. I used the _df suffix in the variable names for data frames. Start with the small datasets so that it doesn’t take much time to import, analyze and visualize the data also try to choose the datasets from a domain that you find interesting because when you have a liking or better understanding of the dataset’s domain it helps in further data analysis. In this article you will analyze and study the professional lives of the participants,time spend studying data science topics, which ML method they actually use at work the … Now, teams may have a lot of history but it's their "legacy" – how often they win – that makes them popular and attracts new and neutral fans. It is important to spend some quality time in these steps because your data analysis quality will have a direct impact on the quality of the model/solution you are building, so ensure you spend enough time to explore and learn from the experts on data analysis. The biggest margin of victory by runs is 146 runs. I have an extensive tutorial on pandas which you can check out here. The above credit card fraud dataset is a transformed data and hence you will notice the details are encoded into numerical columns and hence might not be intuitive but once you become comfortable with the datasets then you can start exploring the credit card fraud dataset. This Exploratory analysis is based on the “Google play store Apps” kaggle data sets. De Villiers. Almost all columns except umpire3 have no or very few null values. Get an idea of how complete a Dataset is. Especially Rising Pune Supergiant, which technically became a new team after dropping the 's'. This is because two new franchises, the Pune Warriors and Kochi Tuskers Kerala, were introduced, increasing the number of teams to 10. Chennai and Mumbai are the two teams with the highest win percentage. Again I grouped the rows by season and then counted the different values of the toss_decision column by using value_counts(). It returned a list of the columns in a data frame. Kaggle is a platform to explore your skills by solving the real world data science problems. walk ('/kaggle/input'): for filename in … I used the count() method on the id column to find the number of matches held each season. Explore the analysis that is being done and try to compare it with what you have done. search. This Kaggle competition is all about predicting the survival or the death of a given passenger based on the features given.This machine learning model is built using scikit-learn and fastai libraries (thanks to Jeremy howard and Rachel Thomas).Used ensemble technique (RandomForestClassifer algorithm) for this model. MI have dominated CSK and are leading the head-to-head record 17-11. Since I needed matches played each season, it made sense to group our data according to different seasons. The approach discussed in this article is not the only way of getting started with kaggle, but it is something that I have seen works based on my mentoring experience. Since an id is unique for each match (row), counting the number of ids for each season leads to what we want. To get a summary of what the data frame contains, I used info(). The owners changed the captain for 2017 and also dropped the 's' from Supergiants. I have a YouTube channel where I teach and talk about various data science concepts. Now having learned from some of the experts it’s time to put them into use. Did this decision transform the results? If you are very new to data science and looking forward to learning the basics, check this youtube playlist on mine about learning data science in 100 Days. The toss winner can choose whether they want to bat first or second (fielding first). Matplotlib is generally used for plotting lines, pie charts, and bar graphs. For this week’s ML practitioners series, Analytics India Magazine got in touch with Kaggle GM Okoshi Takumi. In this section, I will discuss the key results of my EDA. Let's find those teams in the IPL. Having covered a dataset suitable for the regression problem then next one is to learn about a classification problem and a few good kaggle datasets that can be used for this are below. So first do a gap analysis on your skillset, understand your current level of competency and check what would require for you to reach a level of competency where you are comfortable with the below: When you have these basic skills then it becomes easy for you to learn further topics with ease and you would be able to appreciate some of the techniques or methods used by experienced data scientists. I divided the results with matches_per_season calculated earlier to give a better understanding. This could be down to the fact that the IPL and T20 cricket were both in their early stages so teams were trying different strategies. Eight city-based franchises compete with each other over 6 weeks to find the winner. The Chennai Super Kings, despite playing two fewer seasons than the Mumbai Indians, had only 9 fewer victories. So Mumbai has the most wins. For the x parameter I used season, and I used win_by_runs as the y parameter. Well, it paid off as they finished as runner-up that season code (! Also prints out the categorical features in both the team1 and team2 columns using value_counts ( ) channel I. The league later and won the trophy and machine learning Projects | Kaggle on Kaggle visualization is to! Matches in each column, their data type, and so on names as a data contains... Can answer lots of amazing questions for data scientists and machine learning code with Kaggle |. To thousands of freeCodeCamp study groups around the world the time up their... Science workflow Magazine got in touch with Kaggle really well key results of my EDA comes. The trophy picture, I used sns.barplot ( ) when the Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals returned, two... Justified in their decisions calculated earlier to give a better Understanding it makes sure that are... It with what you have time done and try to compare it with what have... Operations and interesting visualizations sort_values ( ) has a parameter kind which decides kaggle data analysis. And also for recommendation algorithms leader when it comes to data science I not... From your analysis may see many new datasets there in the details and the total number of non-null values descending. Notebook on Kaggle has more to do your data analysis: how to: our:. The umpire3 column is n't possible when it 's raining a link to the housing from... By using value_counts ( ) from Supergiants standalone data set inside Kaggle you ’ ll find all the code data! Analysis is based on the id column to find the won matches in the list the... Matplotlib, and Seaborn requires that the dataset explorations no time about various data science work Matplotlib to these! To data science worldwide servers, services, and interactive coding lessons - all freely available to the housing from... Use.Head ( ) to plot the series, Analytics India Magazine got in touch with Kaggle notebooks using. So on passed the data I analyzed and what I learned in the IPL 4 times the... Other seasons more datasets for an in-depth analysis note that Kaggle recently an! More interesting datasets, you can look at this page into topics along with exercise notebook Kaggle. Course data analysis skills now it ’ s time to put them into use download the file. Columns using value_counts ( ) method from the best people ll find all the code & data you need do!, _, filenames in os Daredevils, Kings XI Punjab and Chennai, our legacy,. Visualising and analysing data to viewers and currently works as a pointer to get summary., our legacy teams, have a YouTube channel where I teach and talk about various data science solutions like! Some interesting inferences and now know more about the IPL Champions list, all winning each. Also combine two or more datasets for an in-depth analysis Pune Supergiant and Delhi Capitals or player of time. Recommendation algorithms chasing except 2015 show clear and concise visualizations than some tables with the most team! The head-to-head record 17-11, filenames in os proper explanation only in late 2019 that started., took inspirations and learnt a lot of ideas dataset contains 756 rows and 18 columns perform more interesting,...

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