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Conference of Parties – COP28

The Conference of Parties – COP28 will come to a close on 12th December 2023. UN Climate Change Executive Secretary Simon Stiell calls for an urgent and unbiased implementation of climate commitment to protect people and planet in connection to “phasing out of fossil fuel”.

Mr.Angelious Michael, Director of India Peace Centre attending COP28 in Dubai as part of the ACT Alliance delegation representing faith communities highlights the importance of the voices from faith communities at this crucial time of climate emergency. He emphasized of the fact that faith communities have been making significant contributions in climate related events including of the United Nations. The UNFCCC for the first time made a space available for the Faith Pavilion within the COP28 framework. This amplifies the UN’s recognition of the contributions of faith groups and interfaith network towards climate discussions and climate solutions.

Women, youth and children have been more visible at the faith side events at COP28. The need for interfaith collaborations in response to climate change is being realized more than ever before as that provides adequate strength for achieving ambitious goals together.

ACT Alliance has been instrumental in creating space for faith perspectives to come into play for climate negotiations and climate justice and to help prioritize cross cutting issues such as Migration and Human Mobility, gender, Indigenous people, Water, land, food & agriculture to the high-level discussions.

While Loss and Damage funds was a crucial outcome at COP28 in the opening plenary, there are lot to achieve and implement including Global Goal on Adaptation (GGA), Mitigation, commitment for non-economic loss under loss and damage funds.

Countries must prioritize climate agenda and work collectively. We must not forget the Paris agreement of staying withing 1.5 bracket and the timeframe of achieving Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

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IPC welcomes new Interns

Mr. Lilu Paul and Ms. Samiksha Dillip Gawande join as intern at the India Peace Centre, Nagpur. Mr. Lilu Paul comes from Kottayam, Kerala, He has completed Bachelor Degree in Economics from CMS College, Kottyam. Mr. Lilu Paul keeps keen interest in research, analytical studies and writings. Ms. Samiksha has completed her Bachelor of Commerce from G S College of Commerce and Economics, Nagpur. Ms. Samiksha has the experience of finance management and accounting. IPC welcome Lilu and Samiksha to its family.

Ms. Samiksha Gawande

Mr. Lilu Paul

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Pollution to Peace

India Peace Centre discourses World Environment Day 2023

The India Peace Centre in collaberation with Wild-CER organized a discourse on the theme of this year’s UN World Environment Day – “Solutions to Plastic Pollution” on 3rd June 2023 at IPC, Nagpur. About 40 participants representing different faiths, organizations and initiatives attend the discourse, most of them were young people.  

A documentary film about plastic pollution, particularly of single use plastics leading to environmental disaster was exhibited. The movie was very informative, educative, and highly impactful.

Mr. Angelious Michael, Director of India Peace Centre in his keynote speech emphasized on the importance of an interfaith response to plastic pollution. He quoted different faith scriptures that clear speak about caring for the mother earth. He cited ancient practices where the coexistence between human beings and others were harmonious. Mr. Michael said, pollution is no peace, peace and pollution cannot exist together. Pollution is violence to nature, earth and human being and all creation. Therefore, we are called today to strengthen our pilgrimage commitment and our faith journey. He called to move from “Pollution of Peace”.

A very inclusive and engaging interaction followed up where the participants shared their own experiences and insights into the topic.

Earlier, Mr. Helge Laatzen began the discourse with a mentimetre exercise through a quiz on plastic pollution. Ms. Sonal Hikare, one of the members of the IPC Nagpur core committee moderated the discourse.

India Peace Centre (IPC), Nagpur Invites applications for Short Term Internship admin-ncci

India Peace Centre (IPC), Nagpur Invites applications for Short Term Internship

India Peace Centre (IPC), Nagpur Invites applications for Short Term Internship

For Indians

The India Peace Centre (IPC) invites applications for internship for young people (ages 18-30) to work in its Nagpur Program office. The Internship Program provides a unique experience to the youth, so that they may be better equipped to contribute to the society with values of peace and justice.

The interns will work in the following areas:


Department of Programs and Projects

The intern will assist in the programmatic work of the Department in the area of environment and climate change, gender, Peace Education, interfaith peace relations etc. This will include programmatic and administrative work. 


Department of Communication and Research

The intern is going to assist the department in identifying, researching, and preparing for publication of new stories, of programs and events, document articles and research on peace education. Photography and videography will be part of the work.


The India Peace Centre will cover the costs for travel to and from Nagpur and living expenses.

Interested candidates should have a good working knowledge of English, willing to work through interfaith approach and passion to work for promoting peace, harmony and justice, and have completed their basic professional training (college / university degree) may send their CV and motivation letter.

Deadline: 10th June 2023
Commencing from: 1st July 2023


Mr.Helge Laatzen
Department of Communications and Research

Discourse on World Earth Day admin-ncci

Discourse on World Earth Day

A discourse took place at the India Peace Centre, Nagpur on 29th April 2023 reflecting on the theme “Investing in our Planet” in observance of the World Earth Day (22nd April 2023). A small group of faith-based participants from different professional background including academic, NGOs and Law attended the discourse and shared their valuable thoughts on how individuals, families and civil society can make the earth sustainable and a better place for sustenance of life.

Mr. Angelious Michael, Director of the India Peace Centre made a presentation on the present climatic conditions around the globe. He emphasized the essence of addressing climate change from the perspective of Peace as climate and peace are cross cutting issue that are fundamental for sustainable planet. He further said, climate change can impede access to water, food, health, and housing for community with vulnerability. They may experience impacts more intensely because they have less capacity for coping and limited resources to build resilience.

Mr. Kasta Dip, research scholar spoke about the engagement of civil society in combating climate change. He said, we must engage to encourage people to be responsible consumers and educate ourselves about the ongoing climate change risks on planet. Pratishruti Singh-Agarwal, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Humanities at Shri Ramdeobaba College of Engineering, Nagpur spoke about the change that can be experienced through academic learning on building climate resilience community and combating climate change. She shared about different environmental courses that are available to do research and study in various universities. It was commonly felt that peace building remains relevant and significant in addressing climate justice and an interfaith approach to this would play a pivotal role realizing a sustainable planet.

India Peace Centre Facilitates the Pre Youth Assembly of NCCI admin-ncci

India Peace Centre Facilitates the Pre Youth Assembly of NCCI

India Peace Centre Facilitates the Pre Youth Assembly of NCCI discussing the theme ” The Hour has Come, The hour of Youth building up World of Peace and Sustainability

About 60 youth of the Christian churches in India joined by youth of many faiths gathered in Hyderabad to discourse on the theme “The Hour has Come, The Hour of Youth Building up World of Peace and Sustainability” during 17-19 April 2023! Mrs. Joy Eva Bohol, Program Executive, Youth Engagement of the World Council of Churches, Geneva, Switzerland inspired the youth to be sensitive about world issues and make responsible contributions to religion and society, in her Keynote address! She motivated the young people to take up the challenge of peace building through active engagement both spiritually and socially.

Rev. Dr. Packiam T Samuel, Director of Henry Martin Institute, second Keynote speaker challenged the participants to becoming a practicing faith oriented youth in order to realize Peace and Justice.

On the other hand, Mr. Dinesh Suna, Program Executive, Ecumenical Water Network of the World Council of Churches spoke on the significant role Water plays for human beings and all creation! He emphasized on the strength that youth can make use of to be advocating for water rights and water accessibility Rev. Dr. Asir Ebenezer, Chairperson of India Peace Centre and General Secretary of NCC India inaugurated the discourse! In his inaugural speech, he challenged the youth to be prophetic in addressing issues that impact all humanity. He encouraged the youth to engage in international campaigns including Sustainable Development Goals!

Mr. Asher Noah, Executive Secretary, Youth Commission of NCC India was the organizer of the Pre Youth Assembly India Peace Centre facilitated the program! Mr. Angelious Michael, Director of India Peace Centre urged the youth to be informed and educated about issues around them and to work towards Peace

Discourse on Ambedkar´s Narrative on Peace admin-ncci

Discourse on Ambedkar´s Narrative on Peace

As people across India paid tribute to Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar, the Father of the Constitution of India on his 132nd Birth Anniversary, the India Peace Centre in collaboration with NCCI – DATA Concerns organized a discourse on “Ambedkar’s Narrative on Peace” on 14th April 2023 at India Peace Centre. The discourse highlighted the ways in which the life and work of Dr. Ambedkar contributed to peace-building through social justice.  

The discourse began with all participants paying tribute to Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar by offering flowers to his photograph and paying respects.  

Mr. Angelious Michael, Director of India Peace Centre, in his opening address, spoke on the importance of education that played a significant role in the life of Dr. Ambedkar and prepared him to undertake the social reformation journey. He said, Dr. Ambedkar doesn’t belong to one particular caste or community, but to the nation. His struggle was to envision equality for all through the eradication of caste base discrimination. He inspired everyone irrespective of caste, gender, religion, or ethnicity. His contribution to the Constitution is a gift to the nation.  

Dr. Yugal Rayalu, a retired professor was the keynote speaker of the discourse. He highlighted the strength of the Indian constitution emphasizing that the constitution ensures Equality for all citizens, Respect for the Rights of all, Power to the people, Liberty for all, Rule of Law, and Respect for the working class. He further said, Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar during those days was already a gender-sensitive person which is reflected in the constitution. His vision was clearly the formation of an India of justice, equality and social cohesiveness through the implementation of the constitution.  

Rev. Charles Sundarkumar, the Program Executive of NCCI – Dalit, And Tribal / Adivasi Concerns chaired the meeting and also offered a vote of thanks.

Pushpa Nair wins All India Speech Contest on Peace 150 150 admin-ncci

Pushpa Nair wins All India Speech Contest on Peace

THE grand finale of All India Speech Contest on Peace was held on the occasion of World Peace Day, over virtual platform. The topic for the finale was ‘Why Peace is Better: Benefits of Living in Harmony’. Pushpa Nair won the first prize in the contest. The other winners of the contest include Mamta Kumari (second), Tejal Baranga (third), Aditya Madne, Alefia Master, Saniara Khan, Naznin Chimthanawala (all runners-up). The event was co-ordinated by Dr Tejinder Singh Rawal, Director, India Peace Centre, in association with Monica Dixit, President of Nagpur Toastmasters Club, who was the contest chair.
Speaking on the occasion, Dr Rawal said that the International Day of Peace was celebrated to commemorate the day. India Peace Centre has been observing Peace Day every year by conducting its mega event, the Peace Cycling Rally. This year, because of pandemic protocols and to have a wider impact, an All India Speech Contest was organised. Entries for the contest were invited from resident Indians of all ages. The topic for the preliminary round was ‘What Constitutes Peace in the Indian Context?’. The participants had submitted an audio recording of the duration of three minutes. Entries were received from various parts of the country. A panel of judges screened the entries and articipants were selected for the finale. The judges for the event were Dr Aliakbar Maimoon, Dr John Menachary, Dr Yugal Rayulu, Niyamat Chimthanawala, Mohnish Zade. Brajesh Golhani was the Zoom Master, and Gauri Dixit was the Timer.

The entire process was handled by Nagpur Toastmasters Club, which also provided all technical support.

News Courtesy: The Hitvada

IPC welcomes volunteers from Weltwärts admin-ncci

IPC welcomes volunteers from Weltwärts

On Thursday August 16th the India Peace Centre welcomed the newest addition to their staff. Ronja and Svenja, two volunteers sent by a German partner organization.

Both of them will stay with the India Peace Centre for 11 months and take part in our programs, seminars and the planning process. They are part of the volunteer program “weltwärts” which is initiated and supported by the German government. The “Nordkirche – Centre for Global Ministries and Ecumenical Relations in Northern Germany”, one of our German partners, selected Ronja and Svenja for this intercultural experience. The aim of the “weltwärts” program is to engage young people in a global dialog and help them understand the work of the partners and NGOs like the IPC.

Here is a short introduction that Ronja and Svenja wrote about themselves:

Hi, I am Ronja, and I am 19 Years old. I am from a small village in the North of Germany, near Hamburg. This summer I finished High school after 13 years of school with my A-Levels. I have always been really interested in the Indian culture, the beautiful landscape and the amount of different religions here.  Therefore, I am looking forward to learn and to see a lot of new things in India. I’m excited to cooperate with the India Peace Centre in numerous interesting projects and to meet some new friends in the next 11 months.


Hello, my name is Svenja, I’m 18 years old and until about one week ago I lived in a small town near Hannover in Germany. Now I’m very happy to call Nagpur my home for the upcoming 11 months. Since spending my tenth grade of High School in the USA I’ve been interested in experiencing new cultures that differ from the culture I’ve grown up in. From my time here I expect an insight into the work of the IPC and its partners, education in the field of peace building and an introduction into the Indian culture with its rich history and tradition.

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Call upon the International Community

With shock and consternation India Peace Centre is following the new outrage in the Syrian war taking place in East Ghouta. Without any doubt, the happenings can only be described as brutal and reckless murders of civilians living in the region close to Damascus.

Within only one week more than 500 civilians, including 150 children, lost their lives, 2500 people have been injured by bombs randomly falling from the sky. Despite the lack or rather absence of necessary items as water, food and medicine, hospitals as well as schools and residential houses have been targeted. The happenings in East Ghouta can be seen as a new climax of violence in a war that is outstanding in its human rights violations as well as war crimes. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights that is a monitoring group based in the UK, called the first two days of the offensive (20.-21.02.2018) the most deadliest 48 hours since the chemical attack that took place in Ghouta at the 21st September 2013.

India Peace Centre is highly concerned about the new developments in the Syrian conflict. As Unicef stated earlier before, there are no words left to explain the suffering of the children. The least appropriate explanation is military operation. Current reports about the use of chemical weapons in the region just add to the list of multiple violations of human rights and war crimes.

From the perspective of India Peace Centre, these atrocities give proof to the fact, that a solution based on military intervention of any side will in no case bring a sustainable solution for the country in the way of ensuring peace and stability. Therefore, India Peace Centre calls upon all international leaders of external forces being involved in this conflict to withdraw from the war ground. This will be the only way to find a solution in Syria. The Geneva talks facilitated by the UN Special Envoy for Syria, Mr de Mistura have to be carried on and enlarged. Only in that way the confronting parties of the civil war can come to an agreement and first steps to a new Syrian Government can be realized. Based on consent and the principles of non-violence, the United Nations Peacekeeping Forces can be the only external party to ensure the safety of civilians.

Furthermore, until that is being achieved, the international community must work together to end the war and stop the unnecessary suffering and dying of civilians. Ceasefires and humanitarian corridors need to be implemented and finally followed by everybody, to ensure a minimum of safety for people living in the areas of war ground. Military targeting of schools, hospitals and residential complexes has to stop immediately. Medication, food, water and further daily needs supplies have to be available at any time and independent, international observers must be granted access without restriction. The atrocities happening in Syria are an affront to all the principles of the United Nations. Instead of dividing and wasting time with useless accusations, we must evoke the spirit of freedom and unity in everybody.

The inter-religious India Peace Centre has always been a place of weaving peace under the principles of promoting dialogue and mutuality with a spirit of ever widening understanding. Therefore, we want to remind the international leaders of their responsibility towards their own people, and also for all people living on this one planet. We as a people should focus on what unites us and work together to ensure freedom, peace and equality for each and every one of us.

India Peace Centre expresses its solidarity with every peace activist active in the fight to stop the unnecessary killing and want to express its deepest respect for every attempt that has been done.