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Pollution to Peace

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India Peace Centre discourses World Environment Day 2023

The India Peace Centre in collaberation with Wild-CER organized a discourse on the theme of this year’s UN World Environment Day – “Solutions to Plastic Pollution” on 3rd June 2023 at IPC, Nagpur. About 40 participants representing different faiths, organizations and initiatives attend the discourse, most of them were young people.  

A documentary film about plastic pollution, particularly of single use plastics leading to environmental disaster was exhibited. The movie was very informative, educative, and highly impactful.

Mr. Angelious Michael, Director of India Peace Centre in his keynote speech emphasized on the importance of an interfaith response to plastic pollution. He quoted different faith scriptures that clear speak about caring for the mother earth. He cited ancient practices where the coexistence between human beings and others were harmonious. Mr. Michael said, pollution is no peace, peace and pollution cannot exist together. Pollution is violence to nature, earth and human being and all creation. Therefore, we are called today to strengthen our pilgrimage commitment and our faith journey. He called to move from “Pollution of Peace”.

A very inclusive and engaging interaction followed up where the participants shared their own experiences and insights into the topic.

Earlier, Mr. Helge Laatzen began the discourse with a mentimetre exercise through a quiz on plastic pollution. Ms. Sonal Hikare, one of the members of the IPC Nagpur core committee moderated the discourse.