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Fellowship Programme

The Student Christian Movement of India has created a Fellowship Programme in partnership with multiple organization from all over India. Local partners, such as schools, institutions and NGO’S teach students all over India under the head of the programme. India Peace Centre is one of these Organizations. In particular, this programme includes students from disadvantaged communities, such as students with a Dalit or Adivasi background. In context of the fellowship programme, participants get the opportunity to improve their knowledge and skills, helping them to improve their chances for a promising future.

Therefore India Peace Centre offers English classes on a weekly basis for one year. In the current century where English is necessary in international contexts and one of India’s official languages, the language plays a major part in the present, in certain working fields it is even mandatory.

Equally, many jobs require computer skills, because the work is getting more and more digitalised. That is why the program includes a computer course as well. The students learn basic skills in programmes like Word, Excel, and Power Point.

Another aim is to improve the students own self confidence and to advance personal development.  Therefore a part of the programme took place in Bengaluru from the 20th to 23rd of January in form of a National leadership Training.  More than 100 students from various organizations gathered and had lectures, group discussions and time for self reflection on their personal beliefs, growth and future plans.

The core idea of the programme is to support students from disadvantaged communities, to set a better condition for their life and to prepare them for their upcoming jobs. In general India Peace Centre tries to decrease the disparities when it comes to access to education.