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“You gave us a lot of hope Today” Leonie Kuehl

“You gave us a lot of hope Today”

“After the presentation and the panel discussion, I am glad that we named today’s program climate crisis, because there would not be any name more suitable to describe the current situation Nagpur is facing”.

That is how the “Global Shapers” closed the program “Climate Crisis in Nagpur and India”, which was jointly organised by India Peace Centre and the Global Shapers, Nagpur hub.

In the first part, Varun Agrawal, gave insight on the scientific factors promoting climate change, such as Co2, which is trapped in the stratosphere, causing the earth to heat up. Sadly, India is on the Top 3 countries ejecting most Co2, therefore takes a huge part in promoting climate change. It could also be proven, that human made climate change is real and can not be ignored anymore:

COPD cases are on the rise in Nagpur, natural catastrophes have been recognised all over India and the temperatures are rising all over the world in a speed that has never been seen before.

In the following part, experts and people who have been trying to fight climate change for a long time, shared their opinions and experiences on the topics: Jayshree Bahre Madame, director of Raisoni School stated, that children should already be trained on how to protect the environment and what effects their personal behaviour has on the planet, in a young age. She is trying to make school education more eco- friendly and is addressing climate change in her school.

Sharhad Paliwal Sir, founder of Vidarbha chapter of Paryavaran Prena, explained organic farming and the importance of learning how to grow your own food, as it contains no poisonous fertiliser, which is responsible for major heath issues, Indian society is facing. He shared his experience in agriculture.

Kasta Dip Sir, director of India Peace Centre, put the topic in another context: He shared how the environment changed, since he was a child and explained that ” climate change will mostly be affecting the poor”. Climate change can be beared much more effortlessly by the rich, because they are able to afford AC’s etc. But climate change will be carried by the poor people. Therefore, climate change is also a major issue in the challenge to live peacefully.

All in all the program was a great success, as the audience and the panellists both agreed, that the evening gave everyone a lot of hope in order to save the planet.