India Peace Centre organised various programmes to mark the death anniversary of the father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi. The function was chaired by the well-known Chartered Accountant Dr. Tejinder Singh Rawal. Dr. Yugal Rayulu and Adv. Prakash Meghe were the main speakers.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Tejinder Singh Rawal elaborated on the relevance of Gandhi in the present times. He said, “Mahatma Gandhi is revered the world over as one of history’s most transformative and inspirational figures. Throughout his life in South Africa and India, Gandhi was a fearless campaigner for the rights and dignity of all people, whose constant and unwavering promotion of non-violence as a tool to win over hearts and minds has forever left its mark on the world. Mahatma Gandhi inspired the world with his faith in truth and justice for all Mankind. He was a great soul who loved even those who fought against his ideals to bring about peace with non-violence.”

Dr Yugal Rayulu said, “The force of power never wins against the power of love. At this hour of greatest unrest and turmoil in our world, the greatest force to be reckoned with lies within our hearts — a force of love and tolerance for all. Throughout his life, Mahatma Gandhi fought against the power of force during the heyday of British reign over the world. He transformed the minds of millions to fight against injustice with peaceful means and non-violence.”

Adv. Prakash Meghe said, “Gandhi is relevant today. No matter where we live, what religion we practice or what culture we cultivate, at the heart of everything, we are all humans. We all have the same ambitions and aspirations to raise our family and to live life to its fullest. Our cultural, religious and political differences should not provide the backbone to invoke conflicts that can only bring sorrow and destruction to our world.”

Priti Sarvey, Abhishek Yadav, Dr Rajendra Patoria, S A Wahid, Mohd Rafiq and  Panchsheel Ingle also spoke on the occasion. Leonie Kuhl proposed a vote of thanks.

The speeches were followed by a Peace Vigil by lighting the candles where many peace-loving citizens participated. 

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