India Peace Centre Facilitates the Pre Youth Assembly of NCCI discussing the theme ” The Hour has Come, The hour of Youth building up World of Peace and Sustainability

About 60 youth of the Christian churches in India joined by youth of many faiths gathered in Hyderabad to discourse on the theme “The Hour has Come, The Hour of Youth Building up World of Peace and Sustainability” during 17-19 April 2023! Mrs. Joy Eva Bohol, Program Executive, Youth Engagement of the World Council of Churches, Geneva, Switzerland inspired the youth to be sensitive about world issues and make responsible contributions to religion and society, in her Keynote address! She motivated the young people to take up the challenge of peace building through active engagement both spiritually and socially.

Rev. Dr. Packiam T Samuel, Director of Henry Martin Institute, second Keynote speaker challenged the participants to becoming a practicing faith oriented youth in order to realize Peace and Justice.

On the other hand, Mr. Dinesh Suna, Program Executive, Ecumenical Water Network of the World Council of Churches spoke on the significant role Water plays for human beings and all creation! He emphasized on the strength that youth can make use of to be advocating for water rights and water accessibility Rev. Dr. Asir Ebenezer, Chairperson of India Peace Centre and General Secretary of NCC India inaugurated the discourse! In his inaugural speech, he challenged the youth to be prophetic in addressing issues that impact all humanity. He encouraged the youth to engage in international campaigns including Sustainable Development Goals!

Mr. Asher Noah, Executive Secretary, Youth Commission of NCC India was the organizer of the Pre Youth Assembly India Peace Centre facilitated the program! Mr. Angelious Michael, Director of India Peace Centre urged the youth to be informed and educated about issues around them and to work towards Peace

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