A discourse took place at the India Peace Centre, Nagpur on 29th April 2023 reflecting on the theme “Investing in our Planet” in observance of the World Earth Day (22nd April 2023). A small group of faith-based participants from different professional background including academic, NGOs and Law attended the discourse and shared their valuable thoughts on how individuals, families and civil society can make the earth sustainable and a better place for sustenance of life.

Mr. Angelious Michael, Director of the India Peace Centre made a presentation on the present climatic conditions around the globe. He emphasized the essence of addressing climate change from the perspective of Peace as climate and peace are cross cutting issue that are fundamental for sustainable planet. He further said, climate change can impede access to water, food, health, and housing for community with vulnerability. They may experience impacts more intensely because they have less capacity for coping and limited resources to build resilience.

Mr. Kasta Dip, research scholar spoke about the engagement of civil society in combating climate change. He said, we must engage to encourage people to be responsible consumers and educate ourselves about the ongoing climate change risks on planet. Pratishruti Singh-Agarwal, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Humanities at Shri Ramdeobaba College of Engineering, Nagpur spoke about the change that can be experienced through academic learning on building climate resilience community and combating climate change. She shared about different environmental courses that are available to do research and study in various universities. It was commonly felt that peace building remains relevant and significant in addressing climate justice and an interfaith approach to this would play a pivotal role realizing a sustainable planet.


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