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IPC welcomes volunteers from Weltwärts admin-ncci

IPC welcomes volunteers from Weltwärts

On Thursday August 16th the India Peace Centre welcomed the newest addition to their staff. Ronja and Svenja, two volunteers sent by a German partner organization.

Both of them will stay with the India Peace Centre for 11 months and take part in our programs, seminars and the planning process. They are part of the volunteer program “weltwärts” which is initiated and supported by the German government. The “Nordkirche – Centre for Global Ministries and Ecumenical Relations in Northern Germany”, one of our German partners, selected Ronja and Svenja for this intercultural experience. The aim of the “weltwärts” program is to engage young people in a global dialog and help them understand the work of the partners and NGOs like the IPC.

Here is a short introduction that Ronja and Svenja wrote about themselves:

Hi, I am Ronja, and I am 19 Years old. I am from a small village in the North of Germany, near Hamburg. This summer I finished High school after 13 years of school with my A-Levels. I have always been really interested in the Indian culture, the beautiful landscape and the amount of different religions here.  Therefore, I am looking forward to learn and to see a lot of new things in India. I’m excited to cooperate with the India Peace Centre in numerous interesting projects and to meet some new friends in the next 11 months.


Hello, my name is Svenja, I’m 18 years old and until about one week ago I lived in a small town near Hannover in Germany. Now I’m very happy to call Nagpur my home for the upcoming 11 months. Since spending my tenth grade of High School in the USA I’ve been interested in experiencing new cultures that differ from the culture I’ve grown up in. From my time here I expect an insight into the work of the IPC and its partners, education in the field of peace building and an introduction into the Indian culture with its rich history and tradition.